WISHUPON Privacy Policy

WISHUPON, Inc. currently does not collect any personal data. However, we collect minimum data needed to provide service. Please read below for details. This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) applies to WISHUPON, Inc. and its users, and has binding force when necessary. WISHUPON does not require a particular registration process. Thus, your use of service constitutes agreement to this Policy. If you do not agree with this Policy, you should discontinue your use of WISHUPON.

WISHUPON collects the following data to provide services.

WISHUPON, as a shopping curation service provider, collects and manages shopping data. Thus, WISHUPON users’ item data (i.e. name, price, rating, link, etc.) are collected. Those data cannot identify an individual, and is categorized and saved as randomly assigned identifier in a server. We may collect service use record, visit history, or system error records which we will use only for service improvements.

WISHUPON can be connected with social media in the future.

To improve service, we may connect WISHUPON with social media. In this case, the third-party web clients or application can share data upon consents and approvals. Based on the WISHUPON Terms of Service, we will provide a notice throughout our website and application when the service asks users to provide personal data.

Users under 14 years of age need parental consent.

WISHUPON does not provide any service that is inappropriate for users under the age of 14. And since we do not collect any personal data, we cannot figure out the age of our users. However, users under 14 years of age should be guided by parental authority and precaution. If you intend your child to discontinue with our service, you may delete WISHUPON app. For further actions related to this Policy, please contact our service center.

If you would like to discontinue with our service, you may delete WISHUPON app.

If you disagree with this Privacy Policy or no longer intend to use our service, you may delete WISHUPON app. The Wish data used while using WISHUPON service may be applied for service improvements. If you would like to address further actions regarding this, please contact our service center.

This Privacy Policy is subject to change.

WISHUPON, Inc. may modify this Privacy Policy to apply changes in services or applicable law. When this Policy is modified, we will provide a prominent notice throughout our website and mobile application for our users. The changes will become effective no sooner than seven days after they are posted. If no intention of refusal is submitted within these seven days, your continued use constitutes acceptance of those changes.
To address concerns or room for improvement about this Policy, please contact the director of Privacy Policy or our service center. We will respond as soon as possible.

Effective: March 1st, 2016

If you have any inquiries about Privacy Policy, please let us know.

- Director: Danbee Lee (danbee.lee@wsupon.com)
- Email: HELLO@wsupon.com
- Website: http://www.wishupon.company